Art Direction

Logo Design

Branding & Identity

Copywriting by:

Claire Baines

Eunice Simbar

London, United Kingdom


Bloomantic is a London start up aiming to introduce itself as a customer friendly business. Their service emphasises on creating bespoke flower bouquet for weddings and other special occasions. The challenge was to create a friendly and approachable identity that reflects the brand's value of believing that a bouquet of flower should be specially tailored according to each individual. Feminine and simple.


A versatile logo was designed consisting of a the letter B as the flower of the bouquet. The letter B also illustrates a heart to show how every bouquet is made with love.

Through the use of feminine pastel colours, the identity was designed to be elegant yet simple, warm and approachable. The identity design includes custom made textures that are applied to their website and their social icons. 

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