Call me a

Graphic Designer

Creative Direction

Art Direction

Editorial Design

In collaboration with

Nasharla Green

Chrisvensia Layhadi

Talitha Amalia Zafira


As a fast-growing field, graphic design today has expanded beyond branding and image making. The expansion of the field includes exhibition design, interaction design, UI/UX, Augmented Reality and many more. This challenges public's perception and expectation on what a graphic designer does. Elaborate on what graphic design students and tutors think about the title. Would you call yourself a graphic designer?


This publication records a debate that elaborates on the controversies of "graphic designer' as a title. The debate was referenced based on the interviews of students and tutors of BA Graphic Design and MA Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, London.

The poster book format was chosen as it portrays the map of the debate and how each points link with one another. In the exhibition the audience were welcome to take a happy face or a frown face badge in response to whether they want to be called a graphic designer.

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