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Jakarta, Indonesia

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Quiznos is a multinational fast-food restaurant serving sub sandwiches. It started opening its first franchise in Indonesia in 2014. In the first quarter of 2018, they launched their new dessert menu 'Crunches', crunchy almond croquant puff filled with custard cream. We had the privilege to design the new packaging for this dessert.


As their customers are mainly millennials and young families, the challenge is to design a packaging that would attract both groups of people.


As one of the largest groups of social media users in Asia Pacific, we knew that targeting Indonesian millennials requires the packaging  design to be unique, attractive, and worth to post. Young families on the other hand come to entertain their children. And a way to attract children is through introducing a character.

We designed a playful packaging inspired by the function of a paper bag - how it leaves excess space as food gets pushed upwards, Our design instead uses the excess space to give the packaging a second form - a new character through folding. This design also improves the usability of the packaging as it avoids the croquant puff from falling back into the bottom of the the bag. 

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