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While most sparkly jewelries are judged by its size, Jacquelle instead produces a series of jewelries that are simple in size and design. Jacquelle's vision is to produce pieces that will not overshadow the personality of the individual wearing it, but instead bring sophistication to beautiful souls. In line with the vision, their products are named after positive characteristics of the soul. They seek a branding that reflects their products as well as one that delivers the value and belief of the brand.


The visual identity of Jacquelle was designed very simple with elegant and delicate typefaces for its logo and product names. The logo is printed with silver foils as their products are made of sterling silver.

The packaging and card design is in the form of a diamond in reference to the characteristic of their products. The identity and packaging design was then applied to the chosen material of uncoated off-white paper to add sophistication and elegance.

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