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Masakan Oma or in translation "Grandma's Cooking" is a small catering business run by a little family in Chinatown, Jakarta. 

In the busy metropolitan life of the city, where people are daily fed by fast cooked trending food, Masakan Oma instead serves an escape from reality through serving comfort home cooked meals.


With the concept of menu by request, Masakan Oma serves Indonesian, Chinese and Hakka food. Through the rebranding they aim to approach younger generation and trigger childhood memories of home cooked meals prepared by their grandmothers. They seek for a fusion of traditional and modern brand identity.


We designed a bold and playful logo for the brand with an illustration of a granny cooking pot to portray the idea of serving grandma's dishes. As the catering serves Indonesian and Chinese Food, we decided to use red to show both culture while balancing it with blue to bring modernisation into the identity.

The packaging concept was inspired by "rantang sayur", vintage food container where 2-5 containers are stacked each with a different dish. This was commonly used in the olden days especially for home prepared meals by wives, mothers and grandmothers. 

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