Creative Direction

Art Direction

Packaging design

Jakarta, Indonesia.


Santorini is a local brand from Indonesia that started its journey in 2015 when they first introduced their ready made frozen mocktails. They have recently expanded their wings and created a new line to supply beverages for businesses. For this new line they needed a new packaging design that still collides with their tropical blue identity. However as this line is aimed to serve businesses they aim for a more premium look than their main line. 


The new packaging design successfully brings a fresh new face for the brand. The concept involves diecutting labels into shapes of the different types of glass each beverage is commonly served in. The beverages come in different colors making the diecut glasses seem filled.


Keeping it tropical blue, the design involves curvy shapes of different shades of blue as it portray waves and the ocean. The design includes custom designed illustrations and assigned colours for each flavor. 

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