Vax Fighters

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Special thanks to the people involved in the research:

Vital Arts of the NHS

Islington Local GP

Chris Haughton


In the UK, all children has to go through what is called pre-school vaccinations before they enter into education. Vaccination is an experience no children find pleasant and often causes dramatic fear, anxiety and trauma. The challenge is to design an experience to help children understand better how vaccinations work through a friendly and fun way so their level of fear and trauma can be reduced.


Introducing Vax Fighters, eight different characters who act as fighters of the different diseases pre-school vaccinations protect from.


The experience starts with the invitation booklet that introduces the characters and their roles. The procedure involves a VR animation, where the injection triggers in bringing the characters to live as it portrays the idea of activating the fighters in the body. At the end of the procedure, there will be a reward of a set of stickers to remind them of the fighters in their body and the diseases they are protected from. 

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