What can

ceramics do?

Exhibition Design

Curation Design

Publication Design

The Wedgwood Museum, 

United Kingdom

20 Sept 2017 -

30 Jan 2018


As a part of British Ceramics Biennial 2017, The Wedgwood Museum invited BA Ceramic Design students from Central Saint Martins to showcase their client work this year. The projects revolved around how ceramics could bring social impacts to communities. The challenge was to curate and design the exhibition based on their concepts while also aligning with the vision and mission of the Wedgwood Museum. 


The Wedgwood Museum aims to archive and showcase the transition and changes within the history of ceramic design. Based on this, our concept emphasises on exploring the endless potential of the field.


Starring the base to symbolise the start of a ceramic piece, our simple logo marks the open ended possibility of outcomes, As BCB this year aims to engage different generations of various fields, the open ended concept allows ceramic design to be seen in fresh new ways as it welcomes cross practices and collaborations to  contribute to a wider range of communities.

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